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Child Care

Here at Body Fizzeek we take care not to place any student in a situation that will harm them, whether this is in an unfriendly environment or with a person of who is unknown to them.

Child abuse is a term used to described ways in which children can be abused within or outside their family, at school or in a club environment. Abuse can take many forms, and in a sports environment these are:

PHYSICAL ABUSE: Physical abuse can occur when the nature and intensity of the training exceeds the child's capacity.

NEGLECT: This can occur if the coach fails to ensure that the children are safe or exposes them to undue cold or risk of injury.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE: Emotional abuse might occur when the coach or parents subject the child to constant criticism, bullying or unrealistic pressure to perform to a higher standard than possible.

SEXUAL ABUSE: Any physical contact with a child can lead to a call of sexual abuse. Coaches whom support a child could create a potential situation. As a coach you must be aware that the public is constantly observing you. If a child is performing a hard move and suddenly freezes or becomes disorientated you must be able to save them safely without worry.

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