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Wrist Stretching

Try to do these at least 3 times a day, during breaks or talking to people in fact whenever you aren't required to use your hands and they could use a stretch.

REMEMBER!!!!!! NEVER never never stretch to the point of pain.

Stretch only to the point required to feel the muscle, and then just relax, and hold your position until the muscle is less tight.



The Finger-flutter Exercise for the long finger and hand extensors shakes the relaxed hand and fingers with the shoulder girdle and arm muscle.


Passive Self-stretch Exercise for the right extensor digitorum muscle. The right hand and fingers are fully and strongly flexed simultaneously. The Finger-extension Exercise is a self-stretch passive movement for inactivating trigger points and relieving tension in the hand and finger flexor muscles. The right forearm under stretch is well supported and relaxed.

Thanks to Katie Clements
for the pics


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